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Facts and Figures 2013

Facts & Figures 2013

Facts & Figures presents key information from the University’s annual report

UZH Facts & Figures 2013 (PDF) Read online on

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Fall Semester 2013 (including continuing education)

Faculties 2013 2012
Faculty of Theology 291 313
Faculty of Law 3,623 3,550
Faculty of Economics, Business Administration and IT 3,544 3,660
Faculty of Medicine 2,865 2,835
Vetsuisse-Faculty 671 655
Faculty of Arts 11,238 11,998
Faculty of Science 3,483 3,369
University of Zurich Total 25,715 26,380
Number of women 14,598 14,975

Detailed statistics of the number of students (in German)


(as of 31 December 2013)

Staff group Full time equivalents Employees
Professors 562.0 575
Non-professorial academic staaff 3,326.8 5,201
Administrative and technical staff 2,062.1 2684
Total 5,860.9 8,4211

1 These numbers do not necessarily correspond due to dual-employment status of individual employees.

Detailed statistics on staff (in German)


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