Alternative Rankings

When deciding how good a university is, it is worthwhile to look at alternative data and rankings provided by funding organizations and other sponsors. 

The University of Zurich is the most prominent – and certainly the largest – applicant at the two most important funding organizations in Switzerland (the SNSF and CTI), and is in third place among Swiss universities in the European Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development.

Swiss National Science Foundation – SNSF

Overview of current SNSF assistant professors

SNSF Professorships 2015 (PDF, 96 KB)

Information on the current National Centers of Competence in Research
(SNSF Annual Report 2011, pp. 42-43):

Funds awarded according to institution and discipline
(SNSF annual report 2011, p. 27):

SNSF Annual Report 2013 (PDF, 204 KB)

Commission for Technology and Innovation – CTI

7th European Framework Programme