Scientifica – Zurich’s Research Fair

Each year, the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich open their doors and invite the general public to experience the world of scholarship first-hand. Scientifica – which began its tradition in 2011 – dedicates an entire weekend to a single topic that is related to the research of scholars from a variety of disciplines at both universities.

Scientifica 2017: Was Daten veraten (What Data Reveal)

Big data, personalized medicine, digital society, open access, and Citizen Science – highly relevant issues in today’s world. Does a new, golden age of scholarship loom on the horizon, or will researchers soon run out work? Who has the rights to which data? And: How can data be protected?

At the research fair Scientifica, scholars from UZH and ETH Zurich meet with the general population and share how data is used in their research. They discuss how processing and analyzing data affects daily life and our society. And in a series of talks and exhibitions, they also demonstrate that scholarship can be fun.