Visiting Students

Admission Requirements

If you have studied for at least two semesters at an accredited foreign university, you can matriculate in the same subject as a visiting student even if you do not meet the general and country-specific admission requirements.
Visiting students are also exempted from the German language examination.

Limit to the Duration of Study

The admission is limited to the previous field of study and to a period of two semesters. It can be extended for a further two semesters by the Admissions Office in justified cases (i.e. letter of recommendation from a professor).

Semester Fees

Visiting students pay the same semester fees as regular students but are not entitled to earn an academic degree (Bachelor's).

Proof of Competence in German

For visiting students, proof of proficiency in German is not required. But please be aware that most courses are taught in German.

Further Information

For information regarding the organization of your studies (possible and blocked lectures, seminars, etc.), please contact the institute of your chosen subject.