Bachelor's Degree Program in Medicine for Prospective Students

Restrictions on admission apply for all degree programs in medicine (human medicine, chiropractic, dentistry, and veterinary medicine). All students have to apply for a place (see pre-registration with swissuniversities) and fulfill all other admission requirements of the University of Zurich (UZH). Please note that the language of instruction is German.

Pre-registration with swissuniversities

To apply for a place to study medicine, prospective students must pre-register with swissuniversities. All information concerning the procedure is published on the website of swissuniversities (in German and French only). The UZH Admissions Office will also contact first-year students with foreign qualifications after pre-registration and inform them about the next steps.

The following schedule and deadlines apply:

  • Pre-registration with swissuniversities: 15 February (online and by registered letter, date of postmark)
  • In April: Dispatch of the registration documents and information on the aptitude test by swissuniversities
  • 23 May 2017: swissuniversities deadline for registration for the aptitude test (by paying the test fee) and applications for change of discipline, change of university with admission restrictions and change of track
  • 7 July 2017: Date of aptitude test for academic year 2017/2018

Late pre-registrations and applications for change of discipline (e.g. dentistry to human medicine), change to another university with admission restrition and change of track (i.g. Lucerne track to St. Gallen track) will not be considered. If the test fee is not paid on due date, candidates cannot attend the test.

Information on the Test Result and Acceptance of the Place

Based on the results of the aptitude test, swissuniversities will allocate the places to each discipline and each university according to the number of places available. Students may therefore be placed in an other Swiss university or to another track. At the beginning of August we will inform the applicants who applied for a place at UZH on the test results. Successfull candidates have to accept the place in writing within 10 days after receiving the information, otherwise the place will be reallocated.

Alternative Degree Program

At the time the results of the aptitude test are announced, an application for an alternative degree program is not possible anymore. We therefore recommend prospective students to apply for another degree program at UZH within the standard application period. Enrolled UZH students must enroll for the semester in their current degree program.