Bachelor's Degree Program for Transfer Students

Changing Universities

In order to enter the University of Zurich, transfer medical students must have been enrolled at an accredited university in either Switzerland or abroad. Students can enter the Bachelor’s degree program if they have passed a Swiss aptitude test in the same field of study.
Acceptance to the University of Zurich will only ensue if students bring proof of study from their home university; the faculty in question at the University of Zurich fully recognizes their previous coursework; there is capacity for more students in the program.

Changing your Branch of Studies

Changing your branch of studies within the Faculty of Medicine is only possible if the results of your aptitude test exceed the minimum requirements for the new branch of studies and if there is capacity for more students in the program.

Changing Faculties

Students who decide to change their course of study entirely and enter a different faculty must begin studies in their new degree program in the first year. They are on equal standing with all other first-year students in the program.

Information on Applying

  • Studies commence in the fall semester only.
  • Applications are accepted from 1 March - 30 April. Late applications are not accepted.