Online Application for Studies at more than one University, Teaching Diploma



  • Clear idea of the desired subject
  • desired beginning of study
  • Name and place of home university
  • Matriculation number, if you are/were already registered at a Swiss university
  • Phone, e-mail adress, main address and address for postal delivery
  • Technical requirements and business hours

How to proceed

  • You will be taken through the form step by step. Please complete the pages from top to bottom, as the input fields are related to one another.
  • Info icons provide additional information to help you fill in the form correctly.
  • Print the summary of the information you have provided
  • Please note the deadlines for application
  • Once your application has been received, a confirmation informing you how to proceed will be sent to the e-mail adress you provided. 


Please use this form only if you wish to apply for In-Mobility Studies at more than one University.

The regular deadlines apply. For students at ETH Zurich and PH Zurich, the deadline is the last workday before the lecture period begins. Applications submitted after this deadline will not be accepted.


Application for Studies at more than one University, Teaching Diploma:
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