IN-MOBILITY: Minor Subject Bachelor's Level

Online Application for Student Mobility in a Minor Subject



  • Clear idea of the desired minor subject concerning choice of faculty, degreee program and subject
  • desired beginning of study
  • Name and place of home university
  • Matriculation number, if you are/were already registered at a Swiss university
  • Phone, e-mail adress, main address and address for postal delivery
  • Technical requirements and business hours

How to proceed

  • You will be taken through the form step by step. Please complete the pages from top to bottom, as the input fields are related to one another.
  • Info icons provide additional information to help you fill in the form correctly.
  • Print the summary of the information you have provided
  • Please note the deadlines for application.
  • Once your application has been received, a confirmation informing you how to proceed will be sent to the e-mail adress you provided. 


Please use this form only if you wish to apply for student mobility in a minor subject.


Application for Student Mobility in a Minor Subject:
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