Career Services der Universität Zürich

Career Services posts a variety of interesting and qualifying entry-level jobs, traineeships, and internships for students on its
Job portal (in german only)

In addition to ist own job portal, Career Services offers an
extensive overview of other job portals (in german only)

Campus Career: Student Employment Agency

Students seeking jobs, internships or graduate positions have the best chances to find current vacancies by paying a visit to the employment agency, the job platform of University of Zurich (Arbeitsvermittlung der Universität Zürich); or by checking the billboards at Student Shop Zentrum, Kiosk Zentrum or Student Shop Irchel. Furthermore, students looking for jobs can submit their application online and present themselves to interested companies.

Situations vacant at the UZH marketplace

Besides numerous other things offered or sought there are often good spare-time jobs to be found in the marketplace.
Marketplace UZH

ETH get hired

The electronic job bourse of the assistants' association and the association for students undergoing doctoral studies at the ETH Zurich (AVETH) and Lausanne (ACIDE).
ETH get hired


Situations vacant through the Swiss Banking Institute

Job Bourse of the University of Zurich

Internet job bourse of the University of Zurich‘s personnel department.

Job offers on

The student association uniboard Zurich runs on their website an online-forum «My Career» with job offers for students. My Career