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  • Alumni: A New Chapter for the Nation’s Capital

    Martin Dahinden und UZH-Rektor Michael HengartnerThe University of Zurich has a new alumni group in Washington, D.C. The chapter was inaugurated last week in a ceremony attended by ambassador and UZH alumnus Martin Dahinden and UZH president Michael Hengartner. More...
  • Clinical Research Priority Program: Tracking down Viruses

    Huldrych GünthardThe aim of the Viral Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Priority Program is to track down dormant human immunodeficiency viruses, and find unidentified pathogens that plague people with weak immune systems. This is part of a series of UZH News articles featuring the Clinical Research Priority Programs.More...
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Kinder im Augenblick

Scenes of Childhood. Florence Weiss – Photographs at the Sepik River

The Ethnographic Museum is showing photographs by ethnologist Florence Weiss, who documented her observations of a child's world in the village of Palimbei on the Sepik river in northeastern Papua New Guinea.

More on the exhibition (in German)

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