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  • Neurosciences: How blood vessels grow in the brain

    BlutgefaessThomas Wälchli’s goal is to curb the growth of brain tumours. In his doctoral thesis at the University of Zurich, the ETH and the University Hospital, the physician examined how blood vessels develop in the brain, as this process also promotes tumour growth. More...
  • Computers for Research: University of Zurich takes a stake in CSCS supercomputer

    Piz DoraThe University of Zurich is entering into a research partnership with ETH Zurich and CSCS to make supercomputer Piz Dora available to its researchers.More...
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Cast and Preserved

Cast and Preserved

The current exhibition of plaster casts at the Archeological Collection brings to life the adventurous history of antique treasures.
Until 25 October 2015

«Cast and Preserved»
Tokens of the Path

Tokens of the Path – Japanese Devotional and Pilgrimage Images

The Ethnographic Museum is showing the collection of Swiss Theologian Wilfried Spinner for the first time – revealing unique insights into religious thinking and practices in Japan from over three centuries.

Tokens of the Path

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