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  • Clinical Research Priority Program: New Skin from the Petri Dish

    ReichmannUZH researchers are attempting to create skin substitutes that can be transplanted from the petri dish to people with burns and skin conditions. Their endeavors are bearing fruit, with the first usable skin grafts currently undergoing clinical trials. Skin Grafts for Zurich is one of the University of Zurich’s eleven clinical research priority programs (CRPPs). UZH News will be presenting a series of features on these programs. More...
  • Swiss National Science Foundation: Four Consolidator Grants for Junior Researchers at UZH

    Anne MüllerJunior researchers at UZH have been awarded four of the Swiss National Science Foundation’s 21 Consolidator Grants. One of these researchers is microbiologist Anne Müller. She is investigating Helicobacter pylori, a bacterium that can trigger gastric cancer, but also protects against allergies. More...
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Science Info Day

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Science Info Day

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