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  • University Children’s Hospital Zurich: The Burning Issue of Poverty

    Brandverletzte Kinder KabulThe University Children’s Hospital Zurich is helping a hospital in the Afghan capital Kabul improve care for children with burn injuries. The premises have been renovated, and now it’s time to train the staff. More...
  • RNA-Research: Cracking the Prion Puzzle

    aguzziA multidisciplinary team around prion researcher Adriano Aguzzi is using small RNA molecules to gain deeper insights into disease processes. “Small RNAs” is one of the University of Zurich’s eleven clinical research priority programs (CRPPs). UZH News is presenting a series of features on these programs.More...
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Dies academicus 2015

Dies academicus 2015

Saturday, 25 April

UZH celebrates its foundation day
Emergency App

Emergency App at UZH

With the "SafeZone" emergency app, you can be alerted when an emergency situation occurs at UZH. Moreover, you can use the app to raise an emergency alarm.

Information and installation

Student Course Evaluation – 30 April until 17 May 2015

All students in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs form the Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Medicine are invited to participate in this year's Student Course Evaluation.

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