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  • Ancient Greek Verse Inscription Unearthed: 124 Lines of Hitherto Unknown Poetry and History

    Christian MarekChristian Marek, an expert in ancient history at UZH, has made a sensational discovery. Close to a tomb in Milas in Turkey he found a stone stela inscribed with poetry. At 124 lines, this is the longest classical Greek verse inscription carved in stone that has so far come to light. More...
  • Anatomy: Pigeons and their Sixth Sense

    BrieftaubeHow do carrier pigeons find their way home? Hans-Peter Lipp and Nicole Blaser at the UZH Institute of Anatomy had birds fly over a meteorite crater in Ukraine. Their experiment shows that pigeons can sense the subtlest differences in gravity and use them for navigation.More...
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Student Course Evaluation – 24 November until 7 December 2014

All students in Bachelor's and Master's degree programs form the Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Arts are invited to participate in this year's Student Course Evaluation.

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