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  • Clinical Research Priority Program: Rare Diseases: Not as Rare as You Think

    Matthias BaumgartnerThe Rare Disease Initiative Zurich (radiz) is a CCRP revolving around developing improved treatments for patients with rare diseases. It’s one of the University of Zurich’s eleven clinical research priority programs. UZH News is presenting a series of features on these programs.More...
  • Remote Sensing: “We’re very excited!”

    SentinelIt’s a big day for the team headed by Michael Schaepman, Professor of Remote Sensing at the UZH Department of Geography: This morning a Vega rocket was launched from French Guiana carrying Sentinel-2A, a satellite their team helped to develop.More...
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Kinder im Augenblick

Scenes of Childhood. Florence Weiss – Photographs at the Sepik River

The Ethnographic Museum is showing photographs by ethnologist Florence Weiss, who documented her observations of a child's world in the village of Palimbei on the Sepik river in northeastern Papua New Guinea.

More on the exhibition (in German)

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