Changing the name of LORETA or sLORETA

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LORETA is a 3D, discrete, distributed, linear EEG/MEG tomography. It is nothing more than the "smoothest" inverse solution. Very simple to understand, once it's in front of you. Despite the simplicity of LORETA, LORETA solved a problem that no other method was able to solve earlier: it achieved the lowest localization errors of all other 3D, discrete, distributed, linear EEG/MEG tomographies.

sLORETA is even simpler to understand. However, it achieves exact localization, a property not achieved by any 3D, discrete, distributed, linear EEG/MEG tomography. Even more important: localization error can not be improved beyond the present result (sLORETA).

Perhaps because of the simplicity of LORETA, many papers, by some competitors, change the name of LORETA to some descriptor such as: minimum Laplacian, maximum smoothness, generalized linear inverse model, etc.

I'm expecting even more changes to the name sLORETA (by some competitors).

I would appreciate that the names LORETA and sLORETA not be changed. I would certainly not change the name of any published method, not even if it outperforms my own methods. Anyway, this is simply my opinion, and as free thinking scientists, we are entitled to live by our own code of ethics.