LORETA training courses

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The main venue for learning LORETA is the LORETA training course.

Up to the present, two courses have been held:
1. Tokyo-May-2002: A KEY Foundation Training Course on EEG/ERP/MEG Functional Tomography with LORETA. Organized by Dr. Kieko Kochi.
2. Barcelona-November-2002: LORETA TRAINING COURSE on EEG/ERP/MEG Functional Tomography. Held as a Post-Event for the 12th IPEG Meeting: Symposium and Training Course Barcelona 2002. Organized by Dr. Manuel Barbanoj.

Main lecturers: Dr. Peter Anderer and Dr. Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui.

Announcements for future courses will be posted on this website.

Some slides used at the training courses:
Slide show 1
Slide show 2
Slide show 3
Slide show 4
Slide show 5
Slide show 6
Slide show 7