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JoVE – additional contents available for Biology

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New in 2018, and for the moment limited to one year, the main library of the University of Zurich offers access to content from both areas of JoVE Video Journal and the Science Education Library with a focus on biology:

Developmental Biology

This collection includes videos on research studies in developmental biology – from the single cell to multicellular organisms.
To the Developmental Biology Collection

Science Education

This area offers audio-visual demonstrations of scientific principles through simple and easy to understand video demonstrations. The sub-groups address the basics and advanced disciplines:

  • Basic Biology:
    General Laboratory Techniques
    Basic Methods in Cellular and Molecular Biology
    Biology I: yeast, Drosophila and C. elegans
    Biology II: Mouse, Zebrafish, and Chick
    Lab Animal Research
    Lab Safety
  • Advanced Biology:
    Developmental Biology
    Cell Biology

In addition, the modules from the areas chemistry, medicine and biochemistry are licenced for the University of Zurich.

The JoVE magazine publishes scientific experiments in different lab and basic techniques in the subjects of biology, chemistry, environmental sciences, psychology, clinical medicine and engineering in the form of video recordings.

A complete guide on the contents and JoVE search functions can be found at:

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