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ZORA now including Dimensions Badges

28. February 2018 | HBZ | No Comments |

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On a publication page, ZORA now displays citation counts from the Dimension research insights platform in a badge.
When you hover the Dimensions badge with the mouse, a box with additional citation metrics is shown: The recent count of citations that the publication has received in the last two years, the Field Citation Ratio FCR that indicates the relative citation performance of a publication, when compared to similarly-aged publications in its subject area, and the Relative Citation Ratio RCR proposed by the NIH. However, RCR is meaningful only for biomedical publications and is criticized by experts in bibliometrics for several weaknesses (see e.g. Janssens et al. (2017), PLOS Biology 15(10): e2002536, .
When you click the Dimensions badge, a Dimensions details page is opened. It provides more in-depth information about the publication, including a summary of available metrics, a list of citing works, and a visualization of citing research categories.
The badges are displayed in ZORA under the following conditions: The publication has a DOI or PubMed Id, is listed in Dimensions and has been cited at least once.

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