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Keep posted with SciFinder

24. May 2018 | HBZ | No Comments |

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SciFinder is the most thorough source of information in chemistry and related disciplines. Besides organic and inorganic compounds and reactions, many other substances are indexed – e.g. biomolecules, crystalline materials and even elementary particles, like the Higgs Boson – making SciFinder a useful tool for scientists in various disciplines.

Each substance receives a unique identifier (CAS-number) by the Chemical Abstracts Service and new literature is screened for chemical information (structure, properties, reactions) to be linked to the respective compound entries in the database.

How to find and keep posted about the latest news on your favorite substance is described in detail in the attached handout.

In order to use SciFinder, a one-time registration with your UZH e-mail address is necessary.

We hope you will enjoy following your favorite substance and please contact us if you have further questions about SciFinder:

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