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Journal Citation Reports 2018 with Impact Factor 2017 in a new look

29. June 2018 | HBZ | No Comments

This week the Impact Factors 2017 were published in the new Journal Citation Reports (JCR). The JCR presents itself with a new entry page. The detailed pages of each journal has been revised. The JCR 2018 includes 11’655 journals across 234 disciplines from 80 countries. This release contains 276 new journals. A tour through the […]


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National Open Access Conference

20. June 2018 | HBZ | No Comments

swissuniversities invites you to the National Open Access Conference on Friday, 26 October 2018 at the University of Lausanne. At this event, swissuniversities will discuss the implementation of the Open Access strategy and the action plan adopted at the beginning of this year. Our speakers include: Michael O. Hengartner, President of swissuniversities and Rector UZH […]


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Coffee Lectures successfully launched!

8. June 2018 | HBZ | No Comments

In the past 3 weeks, the main library’s first round of Coffee Lectures has been held and met big interest: we welcomed a total of 219 participants at the 9 events. On average 20 researchers and 4-5 professional colleagues attended our lectures. We will be pleased to offer an attractive programme again in the fall […]


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Where to store your research data?

7. June 2018 | HBZ | No Comments

Funding bodies increasingly require or request that the grantees create plans for managing their data and share some of their results as open data with the public (e.g., SNSF). But, where to store your research data, so it has the highest visibility and the greatest impact and fulfilling the funder’s requirements?


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Sharing your papers legally

6. June 2018 | HBZ | No Comments

How and where can you share your (published) papers and works with other scientists? How can you reach the maximal audience and impact? This blog post will introduce you to a platform that shows your author rights and in what form you are allowed to share your journal articles.


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How to store your research data?

5. June 2018 | HBZ | No Comments

A good file organization is a prerequisite to work efficiently with your valuable research data. Moreover, it helps to avoid errors and unnecessary duplications. As always: early planning matters and saves time, which can be used for the actual research. You should consider several aspects Create a hierarchical and logical folder structure or use predefined […]


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The digital knowledge of the UZH – ZORA in figures

1. June 2018 | HBZ | No Comments

Publication note: In the current UZH Journal 2018 48(2) on pages 14 and 15 you will find interesting statistics on ZORA in graphical form. The figures were collected by editor Stefan Stöcklin and illustrated by Ms Azko Toda. Here you can find the complete issue of the UZH Journal 2018: 48(2):14-15


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