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Abraham Bernstein shares knowledge on first Swiss Digital Day

29. November 2017 | Suzanne Tolmeijer | Keine Kommentare |

digitalswitzerland, with help of many partners, organised the first Swiss Digital Day last November 21st. Many talks, games, and other activities were organised throughout the country to discuss how digitalisation will impact Switzerland. Of course, UZH’s own Digital Society Initiative (DSI) would not miss such a great initiative, and helped fuel the discussions at Zürich HB.

Abraham Bernstein, director of the DSI, was present to participate. Among other activities, he discussed the impact of AI and whether there would still be professions in 2050. The pictures below, as well as a more general overview of the DSI activities during that day, can be found here.

Abraham Bernstein during panel discussion

Federal Councillor Johann Schneider-Ammann talking with Abraham Bernstein

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