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Huldrych Zwingli: The Implementation of the Lord’s Supper

4. August 2016 | Christian Moser | Keine Kommentare |

The Pitts Theology Library is pleased to announce the publication of the following pamphlet:

The Implementation of the Lord’s Supper / Huldrych Zwingli ; translation and introduction by Jim West. (Occasional publications of the Pitts Theology Library; Atlanta: Pitts Theology Library, 2016). 14 pages; 23 cm.

It is accessible online (, and we invite libraries to add this as an electronic resource to their catalogs.

Huldrych Zwingli’s Actio[n] oder Brauch des Nachtmals, Gedechtnus, oder Dancksagung Christi … (1525) was acquired for the Kessler Reformation Collection in 2010 to document the vigorous debate between Luther and Zwingli about the Lord’s Supper, one of the most divisive issues among Protestants in the third decade of the sixteenth century. We are delighted that Dr. Jim West, widely known for his interest in Zwingli, graciously undertook the task of translating and writing a brief introduction to the work, and we are grateful to Dr. and Mrs. Walker L. Ray’s subvention of the project in honor of Susan Snow Hope.

In addition, Pitts Theology Library volunteers and staff have assembled and stitched print copies, as a book arts exercise, and these are available at no charge to libraries or scholars requesting them at

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