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Anthropological Institute & Museum

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Anthropologisches Kolloquium

The seminars will take place in the Anthropological Institute Seminar Room (Y42K88 - Time: 16:15)

FS 2014

17.02. 2014 Apéro - Members of the Institute only
Room Y42K34
Time 16:15
Contact Claudia Zebib


17.03.2014 Repeat after Me: The role of conventionalization and replication in the emergence of dual patterning
Name Prof. Mark Aronoff
Affiliation Department of Linguistics, Stony Brook University (USA)
Contact Carel van Schaik


24.03.2014 What drives family live? Comparative methods and pitfalls
Name Dr. Szymon Drobniak
Affiliation Anthropologisches Institut und Museum, Universität Zürich (CH)
Contact Michael Griesser


31.03.2014 Mesite sociality: Cooperative breeding and precocial young?
Name Dr. Anna Gamero
Affiliation Verhaltensökologie & Soziobiologie/Anthropologie, Universität Göttingen und DPZ (D)
Contact Michael Griesser


07.04.2014 Gender Nonconformity and Sexual Arousal: Windows to the Nature of Sexual Orientation
Name Dr. Gerulf Rieger
Affiliation Psychology Department, University of Essex (GB)
Contact Karin Isler


21.04.2014 Easter


28.04.2014 Sechseläuten


05.05.2014 The Evolution of Cooperation
Name Prof. Charles T. Snowdon
Affiliation Department of Psychology, University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA)
Contact Judith Burkhart


12.05.2014 Developing methods for studying social transmission in the field
Name Dr. William Hoppitt
Affiliation Department of Life Sciences, Anglia Ruskin University, GB
Contact Michael Krützen


19.05.2014 Big mouths or strong bites: what drives the evolution of the feeding apparatus in primates?
  What was Paranthropus boisei not eating? Insights from the dental microwear of live primates.
Name Prof. Andrea B. Taylor and Dr. Mark Teaford
Affiliation Department of Evolutionary Anthropology, Duke University (USA)
School of Health Sciences, High Point University (USA)
Contact Carel van Schaik