Taiwan Studies Lecture Series: Framing Analysis of the 2016 Taiwan Presidential Election Campaign


Prof. Dr. Lutgard Lams (KU Leuven on Campus Brussels; Brussels Center for Chinese Discourse Studies Workgroup)

Datum und Zeit

20. Mai 2021, 10:15 - 12:00 Uhr

About the Talk

This lecture will examine framing strategies used by the main contenders in the 2016 Taiwan presidential campaign. It provides insights into the linguistic mechanisms of how political leaders selectively produce and reproduce information. Besides outlining major campaign themes and observing how the candidates frame the Self and the Other, the talk also points out discursive complexities or ambiguities concerning cross-Strait relations. Since presidential elections provide the perfect arena to either disambiguate or obfuscate positions in this matter, it is relevant to probe into the use of certain terms and set phrases, such as ‘1992 consensus’, ‘status-quo’ in the 2016 presidential campaign. Objects of investigation are speeches addressing either a domestic audience or the foreign community, as well as articles published by the presidential candidates in
foreign media. This can inform us about the way the main contestants ‘translated’ their policies for an international audience, especially the US, given its important role as a stakeholder in the Taiwan/China/US relations.


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Asien-Orient-institut - Sinologie - Taiwan Studies Project