Das Verhältnis der Banken zum Staat am Beispiel der Schweiz und der Volksrepublik China

Verantwortlich für das Dissertationsprojekt: Dr.iur. Catherine Chammartin, lic.rer.pol. (Dissertation 2009)
Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Hans Caspar von der Crone


One of the truly timeless debates in Western political and economic discourse revolves around the optimality of state versus private ownership of commercial enterprises. This question is even more controversial for banking institutions as even decidedly market oriented economies have opted for at least partially state-owned banking systems. This thesis contributes to the debate on state versus private ownership of banks by comparing state-owned banks under China’s socialist market economy and Switzerland’s free market economy. After a presentation of the historical development and the present structure of the banking systems in China and Switzerland, major chapters revolve around the constitutional legitimacy of state-owned banks, the extent of government ownership of the banking system in China and Switzerland, the public mandate of state banks, the restructuring and liquidation of state-owned banks especially the question of a possible state guarantee, selected corporate governance aspects and fitness and propriety requirements of bankers.