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Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies

Hong Yang

Hong Yang, Dr.


PhD in Chinese Modern & Contemporary Literature, Northwest Normal University (2021)    

  • Dissertation: Research on Film and Television Adaptation of Overseas Chinese Literature(1949—2019)

M. A. in Linguistics & Applied Linguistics, Jinan University (2008)

  • Dissertation: Fuzziness and Teaching Strategies on Chinese Numerals and Measure Words

Research Fields

  • Chinese Modern and Contemporary Literature (esp. Overseas Chinese Literature)
  • Comparative Literature
  • Teaching methodology on TCSL

Visiting Scholar

2022/2023 Visiting Researcher, University of Zurich, Switzerland
2019 University of British Columbia (Vancouver Campus), Canada (May-August)
2015/2016 Visiting Scholar, Wuhan University, Wuhan


Academic Employment

Since Dec. 2017 Associate Professor, Yangtze Normal University
2013-2017 Lecturer, Yangtze Normal University
May 2007—March 2008 Wat-Khemapirataram School, Nonthaburi Province Thailand, Teaching Chinese

Academic Projects Funded

2018–2021 Study on Poets in Wujiang River Basin Since the New Era, Funded by Humanities and Social Sciences Foundation of the Ministry of Education, P.R.C.
2016–2018 Study on Poets in Wujiang River Basin in Chongqing Since the New Era,
Funded by Chongqing Federation of Social Sciences.




Study on Poets in Wujiang River Basin Since the New Era. Yang Hong. Chengdu: Bashu Publishing House, 2022.

Poetry Is the Awakening and Defense of the Soul. Yang Hong, Zhou Hang. Beijing: Unity Press, 2017.

Translation Article

English-Chinese Translation article: “Of Lice and Men: Constituting Community on Contemporary China” (Carlos Rojas, Duke University), Routledge Companion to Jia Pingwa, Edited by Chen Xiaoming, Zhang Xiaoqin, Shanghai Jiaotong University Press, 2019.

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

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Popular Writing on Chinese Multi-source Culture. Yang Hong, Literature and Art Criticism, 3(2020).
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Contemporary Writers Review, 2(2020).

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Is It Possible for Constructing “Inter-ethnic Poetics”.Yang Hong, Social Science Weekly, Nov. 15, 2019.

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