Day 1
9:00                   Arrival & short tour

9:30-10:00         Introduction to the course & round-table presentations

10:00-11:00       Snap-Talks by participants (research question related to this training school)

11:00-12:00       Presentation on 3D image processing for analyzing nuclear organization Célia Baroux

12:00-13:00       Lunch

13:00-15:00       General introduction to Imaris rendering, Michael Mahlert (Bitplane, AG)

15:00-15:30       Coffee Break

15:30-17:30       Practice rendering and visualization on own images 3D viewer, blend/MIP, slicers, frame etc.


Day 2
8:30-10:00         Image segmentation using Imaris, Michael Mahlert (Bitplane, AG)

10:00-10:30       Coffee Break

10:30-12:00       Practice: segment and quantify signals in nucleus, chromocenters, FISH signals

12:00-13:00       Lunch

13:00-15:00       Presentation of Imaris advanced features, Michael Mahlert (Bitplane, AG)

15:00-15:30       Coffee Break

15:30-17:30       Practice 1-2 advanced features (to chose on a list depending on own learning need): spot/surface statistics, distance measurements, batch,  plot using Vantage

Day 3
8:30-10:00         Example of a pipeline for immunosignal distribution analysis Célia Baroux

10:00-10:30       Coffee Break

10:30-12:00       Practice pipeline

12:00-13:00       Lunch

Free afternoon – social programme

Day 4
8:30-17:30         Whole day practice -  Project defined by instructor or by applicant
Work in teams of 2 (3)


Beer club (IPMB) and Dinner in town


Day 5
9:00-12:00         Delivery: presentation of results by teams

12:00-13:00       Lunch

13:00-14:00       Final questions & conclusions

14:00                 Departure


Program for download here (PDF, 828 KB).