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Approaches to Migration and Linguistic Identity Conference (AMLI 2023)


Welcome to the fourth AMLI conference!

The conference series "Approaches to Migration and Linguistic Identity" takes place at University of Zurich on September 7 and 8, 2023.

Scholars working on migration, language and identity in disciplines such as the humanities, education and social sciences, are invited to submit their proposals. Proposals for research papers could cover, but are not restricted to, the following topic areas:

  • Migration and integration
  • Language and social inequality
  • Tools and methods for analyzing language practices of multilinguals and narratives of identity
  • Identity constructions in the face of media discourses
  • The role of language in migrants’ belonging and emotional attachment to the host country
  • Historical Cases of Migration and Language
  • Voices in the media on migration
  • Influences of ideologies of homogeneity and monolingualism on language policies
  • Harnessing the multilingual competences of migrants for the labour market

We invite suggestions for presentations until March 31, 2023. See the detailed call for papers.

Plenary Speakers

Confirmed plenary speakers are:

  • Anita Auer, University of Lausanne
  • Wouter van Atteveldt, Free University of Amsterdam
  • Frank Tubergen, University of Utrecht
  • Francois Grin, University of Geneva

The organizers
Prof. Dr. Daniel Schreier                     
Andrea Grütter                            
Rebekka Haerter    
English Department
University of Zurich
PD Dr. Gerold Schneider
Jannis Goldzycher
Department of Computational Linguistics
University of Zurich        

Prof Dr. Jörg Rössel 
Department of Sociology
University of Zurich