Leah Bradshaw

Leah Bradshaw, M.Sc

Doctoral Student

Raumbezeichnung: AND 2.32


I am a PhD student in the SNSF project "Dynamics of indexical information in speech and its role in speech communication and speaker recognition”, supervised by Prof. Dr. Volker Dellwo, Prof. Dr. Lena Jäger and Dr. Eleanor Chodroff. I completed a BA in English Language and Linguistics (University of Sheffield, UK), followed by an MSc in Forensic Speech Science (University of York, UK). Broadly, my research interests are in forensic phonetics, prosodic features of speech and automatic speaker recognition. My PhD project investigates the role of indexical acoustic properties to assist decision making in discriminating and identifying speakers, and the possibility of using different experimental techniques (namely, eye-tracking) to gain insights into this decision making process.