Lunch Meeting

Each week during term time - irregularly also outside terms - we have a group meeting on Tuesdays from 12:15 to 13:45. Currently, this takes place in a hybrid format - in person in AND 2.23, and online via Zoom. During this meeting, we discuss the latest news relevant for our lab and our research. This is followed by a short presentation by one of the group members on a topic of his/her choice. Such a presentation can be the discussion of an interesting paper or the demonstration of own research results. Sometimes we also invite guest speakers.

Everybody who is interested in our phonetics group is welcome!

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In the Spring term 2022 we have the following presentations (Time 12:15-13:45):

Date Speaker & Topic

Prof. Dr. Tamara Rathcke

Title: Does language hit the beat? Studying rhythm across prosodically diverse languages by means of sensorimotor synchronisation


Meeting Cancelled


Prof. Dr. Outi Tuomainen

Title: Effortful speaking and listening in interactive speech communication in background noise


ISLE Colloquium 

Talk by Nicolas Mathevon will replace this weeks meeting. 

Title: Vocal communication and social network in Northern elephant seal males (abstract)

Location: AFL-F-121 and online


Dr. Eleanor Chodroff

Title: Between maximal structure and maximal bricolage: Identifying universal constraints on phonetic realization


Dr. Olaf Köster

Title: Dem Täter auf der Stimmspur: Einführung in die Arbeit der forenischen Sprecher-Erkennung mit authentischen Beispielen aus Kriminalfällen.


Selma Bruggisser

Title: How do we form first impression judgements from only hearing a voice? The influence of acoustical dimensions and similarity in personality.


Dr. Yaqing Su

Title: A deep hierarchy of predictions enables assignment of semantic roles in real-time speech comprehension


Prof. Dr. Meike Ramon

Title: Human identity processing - a means to study cognition with increasing applied value


Andrea Fröhlich

Title: Developing a test to find police officers with exceptional voice recognition and discrimination skills


Nafiseh Taghva & Prof. Dr. Oliver Niebuhr

Title: Up and down = all-around? How Posture and Gesture shape the rhythmic and melodic properties of presentations


Leah Bradshaw

Title: Using eye-tracking to explore decision making in voice recognition tasks


Omnia Ibrahim

Title: The combined effects of contextual predictability and noise on the acoustic realisation of German syllables


Prof. Dr. Homa Asadi & Dr. Maral Asiaei

Title: TBA


Dr. Eugenia San Segundo

Title: TBA