Lunch Meeting

Each week during term time - irregularly also outside terms - we have a group meeting on Tuesdays from 12:15 to 13:45 via Zoom. During this meeting, we discuss the latest news relevant for our lab and our research. This is followed by a short presentation by one of the group members on a topic of his/her choice. Such a presentation can be the discussion of a interesting paper or the demonstration of own research results. Sometimes we also invite guest speakers.

Everybody who is interested in our phonetics group is welcome!

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In the Spring term 2021 we have the following presentations (Time 12:15-13:45):

Date Speaker & Topic
21.09.2021 Planning Week

No Talk Scheduled


Internal Meeting


Prof. Dr. Bettina Braun 

Voice quality classification in different speech styles and languages 


No Talk Scheduled


Dr. Kurt Steinmetzger

Investigating the cortical representation of voice pitch information in normal-hearing listeners and CI users using combined fNIRS/EEG measurements 


Xueying Liu

Vowel space and vowel variability in infant-directed speech: A cross-speaking style study using infant-directed speech, adult-directed speech, and clear speech in Mandarin Chinese


Dr. Elisa Pellegrino

Preliminary observations on dynamics of speaker recognition across different group sizes


Vanina Machado

Rhythm and speech rate in Rural Uruguayan Portuguese


Dr. Claudia Roswandowitz

Build a large-scale VOICE database using remote and in-house recordings


Dr. Lei He

The rhythmic frame as a packaging device of information in speech: A proof of concept


Carolina Lins Machado

Speaker Specific Articulatory Behaviour in Vowel Dynamics


Valeriia Perepelytsia

Talker Familiarity Advantage in Younger and Older Listeners



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