Transfer Study Program

Transition: Automatic transfer and expiring programs

General regulations concerning the transition can be found on the website of the Faculty of Philisophy.

For the programs of the Department of Computational Linguistics, this means that students of the following programs will automatically be transferred to the new study regulations:

  • Students of the two 60 ECT Bachelor Minors "Computational Linguistics" and "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology" are automatically transferred to the new study program Bachelor-Minor (60) "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology". Your previous study achievements will of course be completely credited. There are no disadvantages for you.
  • Students of the 90 ECTS Master Major "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology" and the 30 ECTS Master Minor "Computational Linguistics" are automatically transferred to the new Master Major (90) "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology", respectively the Master Minor (30) "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology". Again, all services will be credited and no disadvantages will arise from the change.

Students in expiring programs can finish their studies according to the old study regulations. This concerns the following programs

  • the 90 ECTS Bachelor Major "Computational Linguistics and Language Technology
  • the 30 ECTS Bachelor Minor "Computational Linguistics"
  • the 45/75 ECTS Master Major "Computational Linguistics"
  • the 15 ECTS Master Minor "Computational Linguistics"

Students of these programs can of course change to one of the new programs if they wish, taking into account their old achievements.

MLTA (Multilingual Text Analysis)

The specialized Master "Multilingual Text Analysis" (MLTA) will be phased out and replaced by the Monomaster Linguistics with a focus on "Digital Linguistics". Please refer to the MLTA page for further information.

Overview over old & new modules

From 2019, a few modules will be deprecated, others replaced and new ones offered. The following charts provide an overview over the changes for Bachelor and Master modules.