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Magnolia CMS User Guide


There are three different types of links:

  • External links (websites outside your publication)
  • Internal Link (websites within your publication)
  • Download links (links to assets)

In the text/image component there is a corresponding button for each of these link types:

  • Link einfügen/editieren
  • Link to Magnolia page
  • Link to DAM document

Adding links

  1. Select the link text
  2. Click on the corresponding button
  3. Specify the destination
    • External website: enter the URL
    • Internal Website or Asset: Select the page or asset in the appearing Window

Open a link in a new window

If the link should be opened in a new browser window, a “target page” must be defined:

  1. Place the cursor in the link
  2. Click on the button “Create/Edit link”
  3. Go to the “Destination Page” tab
  4. Select “New page”
  5. Save

WIth linklist and teaser components links are created differently. This is explained in Teaser.



  1. Create a link to a web page outside your publication (external link).
  2. Create a link to another web page of your publication (internal  Link).
  3. Edit an existing link so that it will bve opened in a new browser window.

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