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«Ebenso neu als kühn» – 50 Jahre Frauenstimmrecht in der Schweiz

Before the Golden Peaches: Fresh Perspectives on Early Eurasian Exchanges

The Golden Peaches from Samarkand – like nothing else – stand pars pro toto for all exotic things that reached China during one of its most cosmopolitan and prosperous eras in history. Eminent scholars like Berthold Laufer and Edward H. Schafer masterfully demonstrated the earliest exchange of exotics between China and regions from across Eurasia by using linguistic, historical, and archaeological data. Beyond doubt, tremendous progress has been made in all these fields ever since.

With this series of lectures, we bring together scholars from across the world and from diverse fields to present innovative insights into the earliest relationships between China with Inner Asia and the Ancient Near East.

The lectures will be held in hybrid mode and are planned to have a max. duration of one hour including discussion.

The lecture series is part of the project “Sino-Indo-Iranica rediviva – Early Eurasian migratory terms in Chinese and their cultural implications”, which is funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF). 


Die Vorträge dieser Ringvorlesung wurden aufgezeichnet* und stehen als Podcasts zur Verfügung:
Podcasts «'Ebenso neu als kühn' – 50 Jahre Frauenstimmrecht in der Schweiz»

*Ausnahmen: Die Veranstaltungen vom 23. Februar bis einschliesslich 9. März 2021 sowie der Vortrag vom 27. April konnten nicht aufgezeichnet werden.