Study Programs

  • Major (90 ECTS credits)
  • Minor (30 ECTS credits)

Why this program?

Your studies of Informatics at the Department of Informatics (IfI) at UZH will enable you to shape the digital world of tomorrow – whether in online trading, health care, finances or media. The Department of Informatics offers a unique mix at the interface between economy and informatics, an expertise with an immense potential in a digital world like ours. 

You will be able to select your Major and Minor according to your preferences, thus adapting the curriculum to your desired specialization. This specialization is visible in the degree certificate and will enhance your job market opportunities.  

We offer five different programs:

  • Information Systems (IS) combines Informatics and Business Administration. You learn to analyze non-standard problems and to actively shape complex information flows in companies.
  • Software Systems (SoSy) focuses on the software development aspects of informatics. You learn how to independently develop ambitious apps and highly complex systems.
  • People-Oriented Computing (POC) deals with the human-centered design of information technology. You create interactive systems and visualize information.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of todayʼs most important areas in Informatics. You learn both the foundations as well as advanced skills in artificial intelligence.
  • Data Science (DS) provides a future-proof education. You learn to analyze large data sets, recognize patterns, show correlations, and prepare results in a professional, interactive manner.

What will I learn?

A Master’s degree in Informatics opens up excellent career prospects: There is almost no aspect of modern life that is not dependent on IT. The spectrum of potential employers ranges from small start-ups to international companies – they all seek specialists with an in-depth knowledge like the one you gain in our study program. 

Our graduates typically work in positions such as:

  • Senior software developer
  • Database specialist
  • Project manager
  • Lecturer
  • Chief data scientist
  • IT Security officer
  • Business analyst
  • Entrepreneur

Minor study programs in Informatics

Additional Minor Master's programs that can be studied at the Department of Informatics:

Data Science
Information Systems
People-Oriented Computing
Software Systems