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  • Five questions to: Amanda Dahlstrand

    Amanda Dahlstrand joined the Department of Economics as Assistant Professor of Applied Microeconomics in July 2023. Amanda works in the areas of organizations, labor and development, with a focus on health and inequality within those fields.

  • Research and Politics. Win-win, actually.

    Bern needs facts. To prepare political briefings, various federal authorities work closely with researchers. But only a small number of research tenders go to universities. Bruno Parnisari from the Federal Social Insurance Office and economics professor Josef Zweimüller discuss the reasons for this.

  • Welcome Amanda Dahlstrand

    We are delighted to welcome Amanda Dahlstrand, Professor in Applied Microeconomics, as a new faculty member to our Department as of 1 July. Amanda is also affiliated with the University Research Priority Program (URPP) «Equality of Opportunity».

  • Congratulations June

    A successful semester in many ways is coming to a close. Members of the Department have received institutional, national and international appreciation for their work.


  • Successful PhD Graduates

    After graduating, our students typically receive numerous offers for employment, including at leading academic and policy institutions or in industry. Many choose to pursue academic careers, where they compete internationally for the best academic positions. Chiara Aina and Regina Siebel chose to pursue academic positions and both received offers from several outstanding Economics Departments.

  • Disk or Globe?

    Why is the Earth not flat, but spherical? Michael Wolf, together with co-authors has developed a new, easy-to-understand statistical method to determine the curvature of the Earth.

  • Women

    Misperceptions of Gender Norms

    Gender inequality is not only based on the effects of gender norms on behavior and choices, but also, if not even more so, on perceived gender norms. A new survey across 60 countries shows that misperceptions regarding the support of affirmative action for women are widespread.

  • Fairness - the problem child of modern societies

    Fairness is not just a philosophical concept, it is part of our biological and evolutionary nature. But fairness is not above all things, and our ideas of fairness are not universal. Conflicts are pre-programmed, especially in industrialised societies.

    Article by Christian Ruff in the NZZ (in German) 

  • New endowed professorship in Sustainable Economics in partnership with Vontobel Foundation

    Effectively combating climate change requires fundamental changes in economy and society. How can we achieve sustainable management of our resources while minimising the loss of prosperity? Which countries, industries and companies will be the winners and which the losers of climate change? How can we achieve international cooperation in environmental policy ? Researchers at the Department of Economics are investigating these and similar questions within the framework of the research focus "Achieving a Sustainable Economy".

  • Portrait of Florian Scheuer and Dina Pomeranz

    Dina Pomeranz and Florian Scheuer receive SNSF Consolidator Grants

    Congratulations to Dina Pomeranz and Florian Scheuer. Dina Pomeranz receives an SNSF Consolidator Grant of CHF 1.75 million for her research project "Raising Money for the State: Strengthening Tax Capacity in Lower-Income Countries while Minimizing the Burden on the Poor". Florian Scheuer receives an SNSF Consolidator Grant of CHF 1.22 million for his project "Taxing Capital Gains".

  • UZH Postdoc Team Award

    Congratulations to Silvia Maier and Marcus Grüschow on winning the UZH Postdoc Team Award! The new UZH Postdoc Team Award recognizes interdisciplinary postdoctoral teams for their outstanding and independent scientific achievements.

  • Portrait of Joshua Angrist

    Nobel Laureate Joshua Angrist visits Department of Economics

    We had the pleasure of welcoming Nobel Laureate Joshua Angrist (MIT) to our Department recently.

  • Portrait of Nick Netzer

    Why Economics

    Nick Netzer publishes a Op-Ed in the NZZ on the topic "Why economics?" He argues that the public perception of economics does not match reality.

  • Nature Cover

    No Undesirable Side Effects of Financial Incentives in Covid-19 Vaccination

    Financial incentives work in many areas, but they are controversial. Critics worry that incentives designed to encourage certain behaviors may also lead to undesirable side effects. A recent study refutes these concerns.

  • Portrait of New Chairman and Vice Chairman

    Florian Scheuer and Björn Bartling - New Chairman and Vice Chairman

    Florian Scheuer, previously Vice Chairman, has taken on the role of new Chairman to the Department, and Björn Bartling has taken on the role of Vice Chairman.

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