QAD Education and Teaching

Quality assurance and development for education and teaching not only require a well-established quality management system to be in place, but also that all stakeholders take ownership and actively participate in continuous improvement. UZH encourages innovation in teaching and promotes networking and exchange among its teaching staff. Furthermore, the University offers advisory services and continuing education courses on teaching and learning methods.

Quality Management Education and Teaching (QMSL)

Quality Management Education and Teaching (QMSL) was established as a centralized, complete quality cycle in 2018. It consists of several instruments that were gradually introduced at UZH. The main elements of QMSL are:

  1. Preparing a valid, consistent and comparable foundation of data that can be analyzed by target and user groups
  2. Coordinated instruments and processes in which stakeholders reflect on quality issues and define measures (quality assurance meetings)
  3. An effective reporting system for teaching, to be reviewed by various levels of management

Reports on teaching are also incorporated in the evaluation processes. Furthermore, QMSL data can serve as a foundation for strategy and development discussions between different levels of management. The approval process for new program regulations was placed at the beginning of the QMSL cycle in 2018.