QAD Research and Academic Career Development

UZH ensures the quality of its research, innovation and academic career development primarily through providing a good overall environment, competitive processes, peer review processes and an open science culture. The University regularly reviews and takes stock of where it stands, which contributes to continuous improvement processes.

Excellent Overall Environment

The University strives to provide all researchers with an excellent overall environment. This includes modern infrastructure, sufficient financial resources, a stimulating atmosphere and a motivating research culture. Furthermore, researchers have access to a wide array of research support services for all parts of the research process.

Recruitment and Academic Career Development

Research quality depends in large part on the researchers themselves. UZH places strong emphasis on thorough appointment procedures for its professors. The University also strives to promote the development of junior academics so that they can act as qualified, responsible and independent scholars both inside and outside the academy. UZH develops its staff primarily by providing junior academic positions for its researchers. The Graduate Campus provides them with support as well. There are also various funding instruments to help young researchers gain more independence and advance their research careers. For instance, UZH awards around 120 grants every year to doctoral candidates and postdocs to finance their research projects.

Strategic Reputation Building

The University Research Priority Programs (URPP) and the Clinical Research Priority Programs (CRPP) are the primary instruments used to strategically boost the University’s reputation and promote cross-disciplinary collaboration. UZH also provides support to interdisciplinary centers of excellence.