QAD Services

UZH provides services closely linked to research and teaching. Services are not permitted to interfere with academic freedom and are typically billed at cost at a minimum.

Research-Based Services

Research-based services are chiefly provided to researchers working in the medical, dental and veterinarian fields. The relevant organizational units have implemented different quality management processes and instruments that are tailored to the services in question. Several departments/institutes have their services regularly accredited in line with the standards of their field. The ordinances for the Veterinary Teaching Hospital and the Center of Dental Medicine contain provisions on the responsibilities of medical providers along with guidelines for patient protection and animal welfare.

Continuing Education

Continuing education comprises its own quality cycle based on regular surveys, feedback and assessments. Program coordinators evaluate their own courses, and there has also been a central review of program quality based in part on KPIs in place since 2011. The Commission for Continuing Education is responsible for drafting general quality assurance guidelines.