2. Teaching and Learning

       UZH’s degree programs enable students to gain a comprehensive and sound academic education; our teaching is of high didactic quality, grounded in research and oriented toward the acquisition of skills at all academic levels. UZH encourages students and staff to be curious, intellectually flexible and to develop a thirst for lifelong learning. We also expect our students to demonstrate a high degree of initiative and commitment. Students at UZH are supported to be responsible members of society and prepared for a variety of professional careers.

The quality of teaching and studying at UZH is evaluated on a regular basis and suitable measures are taken to continuously improve teaching quality. We aim to be inclusive and foster an open dialogue.

At UZH, we believe higher education should be accessible. We make information about studying at UZH available in a clear and barrier-free manner, and, where appropriate, in several languages. We provide an environment that supports the compatibility of studies, work and family life, and offer advice and support to students; we also encourage our students to gain international experience and engage in extracurricular activities.