6. Cooperation with Third Parties and Internationalization

UZH maintains strategic partnerships and cooperates with leading research and education institutions. UZH has positioned itself as a successful institution on the international stage, and attracts researchers and students with its research, academic career development, teaching and studying opportunities. As Switzerland’s largest comprehensive university, UZH plays a key role in shaping the Swiss higher education sector and maintains close ties to strategically significant local partners, in particular ETH Zurich, the universities of teacher education and the universities of applied sciences. At an international, national and regional level, UZH aims to achieve the right balance of collaboration, coordination and competition.

UZH also maintains partnerships with stakeholders from the general public, politics and the private sector. Here, we understand our role as that of an expert organization fostering scholarly reflection, innovation and active knowledge transfer. We draw up initiatives to promote the knowledge transfer skills of our members.

UZH is committed to high ethical standards in all its dealings with third parties.