5. Organizational Culture and Staff Development

At UZH, a balance is struck between leadership and participation. Leaders and managers at UZH fulfill their leadership responsibilities by taking strategically sound decisions and ensuring that they are implemented.

We embrace a motivating approach and a participatory culture of mutual appreciation. Members of UZH, in particular those in leadership and managerial roles, foster respectful communication and cultivate a constructive practice of giving feedback. In so doing, we facilitate non-discriminatory participation and create a climate of loyalty and solidarity that welcomes new ideas and constructive discussions.

UZH takes suitable measures in all areas to improve working conditions on an ongoing basis. In particular, we support our employees in acquiring skills that will equip them for the future. Our staff development takes into account UZH’s goals and the professional qualifications and personal development of its staff in equal measure. UZH avoids all forms of discrimination in hiring and promotion processes.