Teaching and studies, continuing education

Goal 2:

UZH systematically develops teaching and its curricula. Teaching at all levels is research-based and meets the highest quality standards. Master’s degree programs and doctoral studies at UZH are well established, and UZH’s academic continuing education programs have a wide appeal.

Measure 2.1:

At all levels of study and in all degree programs UZH offers adequate student-instructor ratios, good study conditions and diverse tools to promote learning. UZH is committed to high academic achievement in its pro- grams of study (i.e. through the systematic optimization of quality assessment), offers good student advisory services and expands teaching capacity in fields of study with a large number of students.

Measure 2.2:

UZH is distinguished by its strong graduate degree programs. UZH seeks to increase the number of students in Master’s degree and PhD programs in relation to the overall number of enrolled students.

Measure 2.3:

UZH establishes a nuanced and level-appropriate system to secure and develop the quality of teaching.

Measure 2.4:

UZH develops and implements a strategy for continuing education. Continuing education programs have a clear profile and are financially independent. The quality of courses offered is further developed and the programs are expanded appropriately.