Recommendations for UZH Members Abroad

Supporting Your Return to Switzerland

At UZH we have a duty of care to our employees and must also protect our students. In light of the current situation, we therefore recommend that all UZH members who are currently abroad return to Switzerland, in order to avoid the risk either of becoming ill or of later no longer having the option to return home.

UZH members who are currently abroad should note the following points:

  • The Federal Council has called upon Swiss citizens to return to Switzerland as quickly as possible and to register on the Travel Admin App of the FDFA.
  • UZH encourages its members who are currently abroad to respond to this call. This advice is on the proviso that a return journey is possible and does not pose a greater risk than staying put.
  • There are some reasons that would justify staying abroad, for example if the situation where you are is less serious than in Switzerland, the local health system is reliable and you feel comfortable with staying there. 
  • UZH can provide assistance for UZH members for questions regarding stays abroad and return travel. Please contact
  • If you find yourself in a difficult situation abroad in a country outside of the Schengen Area and require professional support (e.g. medical questions and emergencies, security emergencies and travel problems), the Travel Assistance Provider International SOS is available. You can request details of how to access the SOS app from

For UZH staff only:

  • UZH reserves the right, depending on the circumstances of individual cases and on how the situation develops, to order UZH employees who are abroad on professional assignments to return to Switzerland.  
  • Affected areas: The Swiss embassy or consulate of the respective country provides information about the currently valid measures.
    Foreign embassies and consulates in Switzerland