Non-Curricular Events

Status: 13 September 2021

A safety concept is required for events outside the regular curriculum.
Safety Concepts UZH

Covid Certificate Requirement

Events with a certificate

For events with a Covid certificate, the full room capacity can be used and there is no mask requirement. However, the Executive University Board recommends wearing a mask.

  • Events with a fee (e.g. continuing education, Senior Citizen’s University)
  • “External” events that take place at UZH on a mostly irregular basis or one-off events (e.g. SIAF, EIZ, events organized by student organizations)
  • Meetings, conferences
  • Drinks receptions/catered events in clearly marked off areas

Events without Covid certificates

For events without a Covid certificate, a maximum of two-thirds of the room capacity can be used and a mask must be worn.

  • Events related to working at UZH (e.g. staff meetings)