Non-Curricular Events

Update: 20 December 2021

Events with Covid Certificate (3G)

All indoor events at UZH require a Covid certificate (see below for exceptions). Full room capacity may be used and masks must be worn. Exception to the mask requirement: The presenters or speakers do not have to wear a mask. 

Eating and drinking in indoor areas must be done sitting down.

If 2G+ rules are applied (certificate of vaccination or recovery plus a negative test, or certificate of vaccination or recovery not older than 120 days), the obligation to wear masks and eat/drink sitting down no longer applies.


  • Events with a fee (e.g. continuing education, Senior Citizen’s University)
  • External events that take place at UZH on a mostly irregular basis or one-off events (e.g. SIAF, EIZ, events organized by student organizations)
  • Meetings, conferences
  • Drinks receptions/catered events in clearly marked off areas

Exceptions: Events without a certificate

For outdoor events with up to 300 people, there is no certificate requirement and, provided distance can be maintained, no mask requirement. For self-catered events, eating and drinking are permitted with sufficient distance between people. If a caterer or restaurant is contracted to provide food or drinks, the certificate requirement applies.

For work-related activities, in particular meetings, discussions, inspections and employee training, no certificate requirement applies. Full room capacity can be used and masks must be worn. Eating and drinking while seated with distance is allowed.

A safety concept is required for events outside the regular curriculum.
Safety Concepts UZH

Accepted certificates

Official EU/EFTA certificates, other certificates recognized under applicable Swiss law, Swiss Covid certificates and the UZH Covid Pass are accepted at UZH. 

For social events with catering requiring Covid certificates, the UZH Covid Pass is not accepted.