Information for Researchers

Status 30: June 2021

Stabilization of research operations

On 23 June, the Federal Council has decided to lift the home office obligation unconditionally and to change it into a home office recommendation. UZH assigns very high priority to preventing the spread of the coronavirus and protecting its members from infection. Therefore, the home office obligation will remain in effect until 23 August 2021, conditional on any further decision by the Executive Board of the University. All research activities that do not require a physical presence must still be carried out from home. Justified exceptions are possible. Meetings or research activities requiring a physical presence on the premises of UZH are allowed if the following provisions are complied with. 

1. Research on UZH premises

Research activities requiring a physical presence are allowed if the FOPH guidelines on containing the spread of coronavirus as well as the UZH safety concept and the following provisions can be adhered to.
Safety Concept for the University of Zurich

The occupancy of laboratories up to biosafety level 2 must be organized in such a way that the distance rules are guaranteed at all times if possible. If compliance with the distance of 1.5 m cannot be guaranteed at all times, a mask wearing obligation applies.

The occupancy of laboratories where work is carried out with protective clothing or in animal husbandry facilities is not subject to any restrictions.

2. Animal husbandry and animal testing

Animal husbandry and animal testing are not subject to any restrictions provided that the current safety measures in the workplace are adhered to.

3. Research involving human beings

Research involving human subjects is conducted in compliance with the FOPH's distance rules. Wearing a mask and very good hand hygiene are mandatory for research that requires physical contact with test subjects.

4. Operation of and resources from support organizations

The use of the premises and services of support organizations are subject to the same conditions as research work in laboratories.

5. Access to UZH buildings for research projects, animal husbandry or the maintenance of research infrastructures

UZH employees may enter their workplace in accordance with the current guidelines and safety concepts.

6. Research at the university hospitals

UZH research at university hospitals is subject to the same regulations as research on UZH premises. Hospital management boards may, however, prohibit certain research activities for reasons of human and animal welfare.

7. Research conducted in Switzerland outside of UZH

The same regulations apply as for research on UZH premises.

8. Research conducted outside Switzerland

Business and research trips on behalf of UZH are permitted if the necessary safety measures, the requirements of the transport companies and the general hygiene and behavioral measures are respected.