Timeline of Events at UZH

Timeline of Events of UZH (Infographic)

Looking Back: UZH Measures

2 November  On-site events at UZH prohibited until further notice. Teaching moves online, with the exception of courses that require attendance in person (e.g. practical classes in a lab or clinic) and individual lessons (e.g. certain forms of exams).

29 October  General obligation to wear masks in all indoor and outdoor areas at UZH except in offices occupied by one person only and in which the minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained when seated.

22 October  In principle, members of UZH work on site with as limited a presence as possible.

19 October  Expanded obligation to wear masks: masks must also be worn at all study spaces in public areas.

14 September Start of the Fall Semester. Events with external people are possible again if safety concepts are observed.

1 September – Masks obligatory in all public, freely accessible indoor areas of UZH. People must wear face masks from the moment they enter a UZH building until they reach their destination. Minimum distance to be observed between individuals is 1.5 meters at all times. UZH introduces an information campaign for the new provisions at the start of the 2020 Fall Semester. Use of the SwissCovid app is recommended.

6 July – New directive on adapted on-site operations at UZH. Minimum distance to be observed between individuals in teaching rooms and at workplaces is 1.5 meters. People travelling to Switzerland from high-risk areas must self-quarantine for 10 days. Easing of work-related travel restrictions.

24 June Senate meeting held virtually for first time.

19 June – "Extraordinary situation" status officially lifted by the Federal Council and Government Council.

15 June – Basic planning for the Fall Semester 2020 communicated.

11 June Gradual lifting of work-related travel restrictions; trips abroad on UZH business once again permitted in principle with prior approval.

8 June – Further easing of measures by the Federal Council. Adapted on-site operations at UZH. Return to on-site work and research with applicable safety concepts in place. Working from home as alternative option. Reduced operations in Cafeterias. Sports facilities reopen with reduced operations. Partial reopening of museums and libraries. Teaching still done remotely.

11 May – Cafeterias at UZH City Campus, Irchel Campus, Tierspital and Platte 14 reopen with reduced operations and take-away options.

27 April – Additional window of time for cancelling uncompleted modules. Cautious increase in on-site operations with focus on research.

26 April – Lifting of some measures by the Federal Council. Safety concepts drawn up for some offices in accordance with FOPH guidelines. Teaching remains digital only for the rest of the semester. Aim to return to adapted on-site operations from 8 June.

24 April Emergency financial aid made available for UZH students whose regular sources of income have been affected by the pandemic.

16 April Fundraising campaign for UZH Pandemic Fund launched.

6 April – UZH obtains Zoom license as additional tool for digital teaching. First virtual town hall meeting with the president ad interim held for UZH members.

30 March – Covid-19 test center opened at the Travel Clinic.

24 March – UZH members abroad asked to return to Switzerland.

20 March – UZH buildings closed: Special permit required for entry. UZH completely shuts down all research operations requiring on-site resources and physical presence on UZH premises. Extraordinary research projects require formal approval to continue.

17 March – Skeleton staff at UZH: Staff work from home in principle. All public events outside of the regular curriculum cancelled until 31 May.

16 March – All teaching moved from on-site to online. Libraries and museums closed to the public but still open to UZH students and researchers. Research continues at UZH. ASVZ closes. Limited cafeteria services in accordance with FOPH guidelines. Administrative work at UZH continues, with social distancing measures in place.

15 March – UZH Information Technology Office makes MS Teams available for all UZH members.

3 March – First confirmed Covid-19 case at UZH. Events outside of regular teaching curriculum cancelled until 12 March. Regular on-site teaching continues.

25 February First confirmed Covid-19 case in Switzerland.

31 January UZH task force formed to monitor developments in the coronavirus situation and evaluate appropriate measures for UZH.