Information for Staff

Status: 15 May 2020

Return to On-Site Operations: Safety Concept for UZH

To ensure a careful return to on-site operations, the Executive Board of the University has approved a new safety concept. This safety concept aims to protect all people entering UZH premises (staff, external service providers, visitors, patients, etc.) against coronavirus infection as best as possible. UZH’s safety concept is made up of two parts: 

  • Basic Safety Concept of UZH. The basic safety concept of UZH is largely based on the model safety concept issued by the Swiss federal government and prioritizes the protection of people who are at especially high risk (see section 4 of the concept). In principle, people in high-risk groups must continue to work from home wherever and whenever possible. 
    Safety Concept of UZH during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • Specific Safety Concept. Using this basic safety concept as a starting point, the various organizational units of UZH have been instructed to develop their own specific safety concepts, which may vary depending on the composition of their staff, their operations and their available space. Line managers must make staff in their unit familiar with the concept and ensure that the relevant measures are implemented.

The following still applies:

Working from Home or On-Site

  • UZH members may, as part of the gradual transition to normal operations and with the agreement of their line managers, return to their workplaces, provided that the government recommendations on hygiene and social distancing and the provisions of UZH's safety concept can be met. This means that:
    • Only so many people may be in a room at the same time that a distance of at least two meters can be kept between them. In principle, no more than four people may be in a normal working space (laboratory or office) at the same time.
    • Maximum occupancy of meeting rooms and break rooms is limited to one person per 4m2.
    • In large rooms (>40 m2) such as open-plan offices and laboratories, the guideline value of 10 m2/person applies. Large rooms (>40 m2) are generally not occupied more than 50%.
  • Line managers will assess and decide which jobs will continue to be done from home and which should be done on-site. They will organize ways of working together in a way that ensures that employees are protected to the best possible extent and that adhering to FOPH guidelines is possible on-site and during their commute.
  • Employees must observe and apply the hygiene rules of the FOPH at all times.

Directive on Working from Home and Transition to Normal Operations

Due to the new personnel-related regulations in the resolution of the Government Council of 22 April 2020, the Executive Board of the University has issued a new directive on working from home and the transition to normal operations.  The new directive replaces the previous directive of 27 March 2020. The directive and detailed provisions can be found on the website "UZH for Staff" under "My Employment":
Directive on Working from Home and Transition to Normal Operations

Directive on Staff at UZH with Children Requiring Care

The directive on UZH staff with children requiring care has also been revised and replaced as a result of the Government Council’s decision. The directive and detailed provisions can also be found on the website "UZH for Staff" under "My Employment":
Directive on Staff at UZH with Children Requiring Care

Protection of High-Risk Groups

The protection of people who are at especially high risk continues to be our highest priority. We are therefore working on a concept for the protection of UZH members, which the individual UZH units will use as a basis to develop their own concepts.

UZH Buildings Generally Open to Staff

UZH buildings remain closed, but UZH employees may in principle enter the buildings.

Gradual Reopening of UZH Libraries

Effective immediately, libraries are offering an on-demand scanning service for exam-related literature for teaching staff. From 11 May onwards, researchers and teaching staff will have access to the libraries in accordance with the relevant regulations. From 8 June, the university’s libraries will be open to all users again.
Gradual reopening of UZH libraries

Gradual Reopening of UZH Museums

In accordance with the Federal Council’s directive for cultural institutions, most museums and collections at UZH will also reopen their doors from 8 June.
Gradual reopening of UZH museums

Changes to Cafeteria Services

The provision of food and drink options will be adapted gradually according to demand. More information can be found on the UZH Cafeterias website.

The Following Continues to Apply:

Strictly adhere to the protective measured issued by the authorities

Please strictly adhere to the protective measures issued by the authorities:
FOPH: Federal government measures
FOPH: Protect yourself and others
FOPH: Poster "Protect yourself and others" (PDF, 1678 KB)
FOPH: Information for people at especially high risk

Senate meeting postponed to 24 June

The Senate meeting will not be held on 11 May 2020 as originally planned, but has been postponed to 24 June 2020. The meeting will be held either on-site on Irchel Campus or as a virtual event using ZOOM videoconferencing. The Executive Board of the University will decide about this matter on 9 June 2020. All members of the Academic Senate will then be informed of this decision by e-mail.

Work-related travel abroad are no longer permitted

Work-related travel abroad on behalf of UZH is no longer permitted effective immediately. Exceptions for cases where this is unavoidable are possible, but require the approval of the relevant dean or member of the Executive Board of the University. We recommend that all members of UZH who are planning to go abroad for an internship or a research stay cancel their arrangements for the time being.