Mask-Wearing and Provision / Reimbursement of Costs

Status: 13 November 2020

When a Mask Has to Be Worn All the Time

If UZH employees cannot socially distance while working for UZH and they are required to wear masks in their area of work as a result of their role and their line manager’s instructions (e.g. cleaning staff or in labs), masks will be provided by UZH. 

When a Mask Has to Be Worn at Work as a Result of the Federal Council’s Order and the Corresponding Decision of the Executive Board of the University of 28 October 2020

Employees who have to wear a mask1 when working as a result of the Federal Council’s order of 28 October 2020 and the corresponding decision of the Executive Board of the University must in principle procure their masks themselves and at their own expense. Masks are part of an employee’s basic personal equipment and meet a personal need. 

To ensure that everyone has a mask at their workplace, line managers in the organizational units (institute, department, seminar, etc.) will ensure that masks are available at the expense of the relevant organizational units. Masks are handed out centrally to employees by the organizational units (e.g. through their offices).

 1Exceptions to this rule as per ULB 2020-572: 

  • Areas where the required distance between workstations can be observed, namely in separate rooms; 
  • Tasks during which masks cannot be worn for reasons of safety or due to the nature of the task; 
  • People who have a proven special exemption from wearing a mask, in particular a medical reason.

Use and Procurement of Masks

As a rule, one mask per on-site working day at UZH per person is sufficient. If masks are only used for a short time, they can be reused several times if hygiene measures are observed.

In the medical context, the rules and regulations of the relevant organizational unit and its safety concepts apply. In the case of physical work, mask-wearing time is shortened according to the rules and regulations of the relevant organizational unit.

The organizational units will preferably procure the masks from the UZH Materials Center, which sells quality masks at good prices. Alternatively, the relevant organizational unit can also procure and deliver washable, industrially manufactured masks after consultation with its employees. If this is the case, specific quality standards must be observed (see FOPH: Coronavirus: Masks).