FAQ Safety Concept

Hygiene / Keeping your distance / Cleaning :

Will material be provided for the additional cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces?

It is generally enough to use all-purpose cleaning agents. Where this is not possible, you can use 70% alcohol for small surfaces, e.g. the buttons on the printer/copying machine or shared keyboards. You can order the relevant cleaning sets from the Procurement and Logistics Office. 
UZH Procurement and Logistics (in German)

Will the cleaning service clean my office more often now as a precaution against coronavirus?

The frequency and scope of cleaning services will remain the same as before the outbreak of the pandemic. However, more attention will be paid to cleaning objects and surfaces that get touched more often in common rooms. Additional cleaning is the responsibility of the users. Cleaning agents are available from the Procurement and Logistics Office. 
UZH Procurement and Logistics (in German)

Can we still use shared kitchen facilities and appliances, e.g. microwaves, coffee machines?

Yes, you may still use them if a distance of two meters is ensured between users, the surfaces are cleaned or disinfected regularly, and no food is shared (milk, coffee cream, etc.). We therefore recommend that you draw up kitchen guidelines, incl. a cleaning and hygiene schedule. Dishes must be cleared away and washed (or put in the dishwasher), and the possibility of using disposable cups should be explored, if required. Furthermore, tea towels and other towels may not be made of fabric.

Will single sheet paper towels be made available in the toilet facilities so that the door can be opened using a paper towel?

There will be no additional open hygiene materials (e.g. single sheet paper towels), and existing hand-drying systems will not be replaced. The important thing is to avoid touching your face with your hands.

Coming to the university :

I would rather not come to UZH by public transport. Can I use a parking space at UZH? Will this be free of charge?

You can submit a request for a parking space at Parking Management. All parking spaces at UZH incur a fee. The provisions of the parking regulations apply.
Parking Management