Information for Students

Status: 6 July 2020

Procedure for (Suspected) Cases of COVID-19

To prevent the spread of COVID-19 at UZH, all students are required to stay away from UZH if they become infected with coronavirus, develop symptoms that point to a infection or have been in close contact with someone infected with coronavirus. Please be sure to read the new fact sheet on how to proceed in case of a (suspected) COVID-19 infection:
Fact Sheet: Procedure for COVID-19 Infections

Preview of Fall Semester 2020

The Executive Board of the University decided on basic principles for planning the upcoming Fall Semester 2020. These principles are currently being adapted by the individual faculties. The seven key points for planning the Fall Semester are listed below. Since the pandemic situation is unpredictable and can change at any time, the information below is still subject to change.

1. Blend of Online and Classroom Sessions 

UZH currently assumes that certain rules of hygiene and conduct as well as group size restrictions will continue to apply for the rest of the year. Next semester’s courses at UZH will therefore be a blend of online and classroom sessions. All classroom teaching must comply with the applicable protective measures.

2. Classroom Sessions Available Digitally

All classroom sessions will be planned in such a way that they can in principle also be completed digitally. Teaching materials will be made available online. Alternative forms of participation will be available for students who are unable to come to university as a result of their specific risk factors or place of residence (e.g. travel restrictions for mobility students). If the pandemic situation worsens, courses can generally be moved online again.

3. On-Site Teaching for Practical Courses

Courses focusing on practical skills (lab courses, clinical courses, etc.) can in principle be held as on-site teaching sessions. If the applicable social distancing rules cannot be observed, special protective measures (e.g. face masks) will be taken.

4. Synchronous or Asynchronous Teaching

Courses can be synchronous and/or asynchronous. Synchronous teaching or parts thereof will take place during the allotted teaching hours. Asynchronous teaching or parts thereof do not have to take place at specific times and are available in digital form (e.g. as podcasts). Course formats will be published in the course catalogue before the start of the module booking period.

5. Digital Assessments Possible

Students must complete all required assessments to receive credit for the course. Digital assessments (in particular online exams) are possible. The type of assessments will be published in the course catalogue before the start of the module booking period.

6. No Additional Cancelling Window / No Cancellation of Failed Attempts

Due to the exceptional situation in the Spring Semester, students were given an additional window for cancelling modules, and all modules that ended in failed attempts were cancelled. These special measures will no longer be available in the Fall Semester 2020.

7.  Studying Abroad Possible

Studying abroad and other activities related to student mobility are in principle possible again within the applicable travel regulations.

Some Buildings Open Again from 8 June

Students and participants in continuing education courses may use certain UZH premises from Monday to Friday (7:00am to 7:00pm) from 8 June for the following purposes:

  • Examinations and access to examination papers
  • Participation in classes that require attendance in person
  • Use of designated study spaces at the City Campus, Irchel Campus and Oerlikon Campus
  • Use of library services such as borrowing or returning books, consultation and photocopying services, use of study spaces in the libraries
    Details: Main Library: Services during the corona crisis
  • Use of other university services
  • Pre-arranged personal appointments (e.g. consultation with a supervisor)

The cafeterias are open for the purchase of food and refreshments, but visits should be kept short and you should not use them as a venue for studying. To prevent the build-up of large numbers of people in the cafeterias, UZH may carry out spot checks. We ask for your understanding in this regard.

Return to On-Site Operations

UZH resumed on-site operations on 8 June in compliance with the protective measures and applicable restrictions on group gatherings. However, considerable restrictions will continue to apply, and the measures for the gradual return to on-site operations may be reversed at any time should the general situation with regard to the pandemic not improve as expected.

On-Site Events

Since 8 June, on-site events are possible again for classes and written or oral examinations which for practical reasons cannot be held remotely.

Use of UZH Libraries

The university libraries are again open to students to borrow and return books, for consultation and photocopying services and for the use of study spaces. You can find more details on the Main Library’s website:
Main Library: Services during the corona crisis