Statement of the Vice President Education and Student Affairs on On-Site Exams

18 January 2021:

Gabriele Siegert, Vice President Education and Student Affairs at UZH, has given a statement on the current situation regarding on-site exams due to questions from students.

„We are very much aware of the extraordinary circumstances and have held several rounds of intense discussions on the different options for holding various types of assessments.

At present, some 90% of official assessments at UZH will go ahead online. Of the remaining 10% (i.e. 240 on-site exams), 70 are still scheduled to take place between mid-January and mid-February. All faculties share the same goal of creating a level playing field on which all students will be able to complete their assessments.  For some exams, this is only possible if students are on site.  

Despite the tightened measures, on-site exams are still allowed under the current Covid Ordinance of the Swiss Federal Government. We believe that our comprehensive safety concepts enable us to carry out these exams safely and in compliance with all FOPH guidelines. 

Regarding re-taking exams that are missed, the situation is as follows: 69 of the already mentioned 70 on-site exams can be re-taken in the summer. Failing or not taking an exam (e.g. due to quarantine) will not prolong anyone’s studies; in other words, the relevant students will be able to continue their studies as normal in the next semester. There is only one exam for an elective module that cannot be repeated until next year. However, since it is relatively easy to substitute elective modules, we do not expect anyone’s studies to be prolonged by this either.   

We take the health of our students very seriously and we are doing our utmost to conclude the semester in a safe and fair manner.“

Gabriele Siegert
Vice President Education and Student Affairs