Digital Teaching

Measures to Keep Courses Running

The special situation caused by the spread of the coronavirus means special measures are required to keep courses running. The Executive Board of the University therefore requests that you take measures to enable students who are staying at home to continue to follow their courses. It should also be made possible for students to complete assessments for the courses they have taken this Spring Semester without them having to be physically present.

The following possibilities are available:

1. Upload teaching materials to suitable sharing platforms

Provide students with online access to teaching materials (for example slides, lecture notes and texts) that serve as a substitute for classroom teaching for an indefinite period of time. In addition, supplement the teaching materials with homework assignments. Use sharing platforms on which it is possible to restrict access. We recommend the university’s OLAT platform. This can be used for all kinds of events. You can find out how to set up OLAT courses on the OLAT Website:
Online Learning and Training (OLAT)
For technical support with OLAT courses contact

2. Record lectures in suitably equipped lecture halls (podcasts)

UZH has over 45 lecture halls that are equipped for recording podcasts. Video and audio are recorded together with your presentation. Ideally, you would include the podcast in an OLAT course and make it available there for students.
You can find a list of the relevant lecture halls, instructions for how to use the equipment and contacts for technical support on the Information Technology website  List of the relevant lecture halls (in German)
Please note that from Tuesday, 24 March, recordings will only be possible at Irchel Campus and in the Main Building on the City Campus.

A guide to recording events can be found on the following website:
Event recording in lecture halls (in German)

You can get technical support for recording by calling 044 6342451 or e-mailing

3. Record presentations with a soundtrack from your desk

If you are not able or not permitted to be present at UZH in person, or you do not have any teaching materials suitable for upload, a simple option is to record your PowerPoint presentation with a soundtrack. As well as the actual presentation, for optimum quality you need an external microphone (headset or headphones with microphone). The files can be exported as MPEG4 or MP4 video (medium quality 1280x720 is generally sufficient) and ideally are integrated into an OLAT course.

A guide to recording presentations and uploading them to SWITCHcast or SWITCHtube can be found on the following Information Technology website:
Recording at home (in German)

You can find instructions for recording in PowerPoint on the Microsoft Office Website:
Microsoft Office: Record a slide show

4. Publication of self-produced videos

Videos you have produced yourself can be uploaded to SWITCHcast or SWITCHtube and from there published in various ways (via OLAT, a protected website or by sending a link). Information on choosing which platform and how to get access rights can be found on the following website:
Distribution platforms SWITCHcast and SWITCHtube (in German)

5. Adapt student assessments

If your course includes assessment tasks that have to be done in the classroom, please adapt them so that students working at home are also able to complete and be assessed for the tasks (e.g. written contributions as a substitute for verbal contributions). Degree program coordinators should support module coordinators and teaching staff in this regard. OLAT courses offer a wide variety of possibilities. You can obtain information and support from OLAT support and from the eLearning coordinators of your faculty. Information on technical support for events is available on the following website:
Information Technology: Event support (in German)

6. Microsoft Office 365/Teams

The Executive Board of the University has also decided to make Microsoft Office 365/Teams available for all teaching staff. This software enables courses to be run online. You can find detailed instructions on the following website:
Office 365 / Teams: Installation, Instructions and Support (in German)