FAQ for Teaching Staff

How can courses be held digitally?

Go to Teaching Tools for information, tips and tricks on the subject of digital teaching. The platform is being expanded all the time.

Can I come to UZH to record my course?

Yes, even if the buildings are closed, you can still record podcasts in KOL after prior registration. If you need to record a podcast in the main building and you don't have a key/badge, access is possible from Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 6:00pm via the main entrance on Rämistrasse.

Which video call software can I use at UZH for my course?

The tools currently supported by UZH are: Online meetings via Microsoft Teams, SWITCHinteract, SWITCHmeet and UZH Video Meeting, SWITCHvideoconf and ZOOM. UZH provides a license for all these services. You can find further information at:
Overview of video call software providers
Microsoft Teams

Do exams also have to be held digitally?

Yes, written and oral examinations scheduled to take place by the end of June 2020 must be held digitally on the regular dates wherever possible. Written and oral examinations that cannot be transferred to digital formats for practical reasons will be held at in May, June, in the first half of July or between 9 August and 4 September 2020 with presence at UZH. Further details will be provided by your faculty as soon as possible.

Where can I get support with planning and holding digital exams?

You can find support materials for the switchover to digital examination formats at the Teaching Tools pages. Individual advice can be obtained on the teaching website "Lehre und Lehrentwicklung":
Lehre und Lehrentwicklung: Kurs- und Beratungsangebote (in German)

Which examination software is recommended?

You can find a list of recommended software on the relevant Teaching Tools pages: Remote assessment of academic achievement
The recommended procedure for written examinations, especially with large numbers of participants, is to use an OLAT assessment tool. For more information on this, go to:
ZI – Lehre und Forschung: Elektronische Prüfungen (in German)

My course cannot be transferred to digital formats, or can only be transferred partially (lab work, excursions, etc.). What should I do?

Clarify with the module and degree program coordinators of your course whether it is affected. If you need help with developing alternative teaching and assessment formats, please contact info@hochschuldidaktik.uzh.ch.

Will my students still have access to literature in order to prepare for the exam sufficiently?

The libraries will stay closed. Students can order library media online and have them delivered to their home free of charge. However, some delivery delays are occurring as Swiss Post’s parcel delivery service is currently overstretched. This situation is likely to get worse before the exam period. You should therefore think about the materials required to prepare for the exam in plenty of time. Whenever possible, please make digital copies of required resources available on OLAT. The libraries will be happy to help you set up a digital examination apparatus. This can be made available to the candidates in a protected environment that complies with data protection requirements.
Teaching Tools: Access to literature and e-resources (in German)

Do I have access to the libraries?

The libraries will stay closed. However, you can still access your department libraries with your key or badge. Please note that access via staff card may need to be requested (contact the library).
Coronavirus Crisis – Services of the UZH Libraries