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Status: 11 August 2020



Can exams in the 2020 Fall Semester be held on site again?

Exams in the 2020 Fall Semester can take place either online or on site. However, it must in principle be possible for students as well as instructors to take part in the official assessments regardless of their specific risk factors or place of residence. Assessments of practical skills are an exception and may be held on site in compliance with the relevant protective measures that were previously defined for the practical/clinical course.

Which examination software is recommended?

You can find a list of recommended software on the relevant Teaching Tools pages: Remote assessment of academic achievement
The recommended procedure for written examinations, especially with large numbers of participants, is to use an OLAT assessment tool. For more information on this, go to:
ZI – Lehre und Forschung: Elektronische Prüfungen (in German)

Do exams also have to be held digitally?

Yes, whenever possible, written or oral exams scheduled to take place by the end of June 2020 were held digitally at the scheduled date and time. Examinations that cannot be transferred to digital formats for compelling reasons were (or will be) held as on-site events in May, June, the first half of July, or between 9 August and 4 September 2020.

Where can I get support with planning and holding digital exams?

You can find support materials for the switchover to digital examination formats at the Teaching Tools pages. Individual advice can be obtained on the teaching website "Lehre und Lehrentwicklung":
Lehre und Lehrentwicklung: Kurs- und Beratungsangebote (in German)


Which video call software can I use at UZH for my course?

The tools currently supported by UZH are: Online meetings via Microsoft Teams, SWITCHinteract, SWITCHmeet and UZH Video Meeting, SWITCHvideoconf and ZOOM. UZH provides a license for all these services. You can find further information at:
Overview of video call software providers
Microsoft Teams

How can courses be held digitally?

Go to Teaching Tools for information, tips and tricks on the subject of digital teaching. The platform is being expanded all the time.

Will non-matriculated students be able to attend my course in the Fall Semester?

Non-matriculated students may only attend courses for which the relevant field (“Auditor/in zugelassen”) has been ticked in the course catalogue, which is determined by the instructors themselves. If non-matriculated students are allowed to attend, it must be ensured that they can also participate online. Please note that non-matriculated students do not receive an account (ISIM) at UZH for licensing reasons. However, you can obtain a SWITCH Edu ID to enable OLAT access. It is also possible to attend online lectures with MS Teams or Zoom, provided that access has been granted.

My course cannot be transferred to digital formats, or can only be transferred partially (lab work, excursions, etc.). What should I do?

Clarify with the module and degree program coordinators of your course whether it is affected. If you need help with developing alternative teaching and assessment formats, please contact info@hochschuldidaktik.uzh.ch.